Our bioanalytical team supports your discovery, preclinical and clinical studies with method development, validation, and sample analysis in biological matrices.

Bioanalytical support:
  • Bioanalytical LC-MS/MS services:
    • LC-MS-MS: API 5500 Qtrap, API 4000, Shimadzu 8050 and Shimadzu 8060
    • Adaptable HPLC systems with UV, fluorescence and diode array detection including 4 switching systems
    • Sample storage: ultracold freezers (-80°C), high capacity freezers (-20°C)
    • Industrial size mixers for homogenisation of entire samples
  • Immunoassay services:
    • ELISA
    • ECL (electrochemiluminescence) using Mesoscale
    • RIA

  • Immunogenicity services:
    • Screening assays
    • Confirmatory assays
    • Neutralization assay (Cell based assays)
  • Radiolabelled services:
    • Liquid scintillation counters
    • On line HPLC with radiometric detector
LIMS Watson® (Version 7.5):
  • Integration of study plan within LIMS
  • Direct connection with analytical run (validation / assay)
  • Re-assay configuration
  • Preparation of labels for clinical sampling
  • Sample tracking with “barcode” technology
  • Creation of study report – Report Designer®

Report Designer®:
  • Creation of secured report template
  • Insertion of figures and result tables
  • Automated integration of the results into the report template in order to prepare a consistent report document
  • Advantage: draft report available within two weeks after end of analysis