The process of discovering new drugs and getting regulatory approval is becoming more costly. All aspects of the drug discovery and of the development process should be examined for potential cost savings. According to the market and to our experience, Eurofins ADME BIOANALYSES has adapted its offerings to meet your needs with an unparalleled range of studies to help you select drug candidates.


In drug development research, more than 50% of candidates fail due to their poor bioavailability (F<20%).

We have developed different screening tests; Bioavailability screening test and BBB permeability evaluation in rodents.These studies are not regulatory compliant (NON GLP)

The benefits of these tests are:
  • Short timeline: One month after samples receipt
  • Reduce your total development cost with low cost: Average budget of 2 000€ per molecule
  • And at this end you get in vivo data (Cmax, Tmax, AUCt and F)

Bioavailibility test:


  • Estimate the plasma concentrations after intravenous and oral administrations
  • Calculate the bioavailability
  • Check if the compounds have the ability to reach their site of action.

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Blood Brain Barrier permeability test


  • Estimate concentrations in brain to assess the ability of product(s), to cross the blood-brain barrier.

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Exploratory pharmacokinetic in rodents:

To obtain more information about the pharmacokinetic parameters, we conduct the exploratory pharmacokinetic in rodents.


  • Estimate the plasma concentrations after intravenous and oral (or intraperitoneal or rectal) administrations
  • Estimate pharmacokinetic parameters
  • These parameters will allow the determination of rythm and dose to be administrated.

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