Benefits of ADME clinical services

DMPK expertise applied to dermal absorption studies

First laboratory successfully inspected by ANSM in March 2013 on Franz cells absorption study.

A dedicated unit

  • 25 years of experience,
  • Using Franz cells or bronaugh cells

Constant development of new models using specially designed equipment, applications and/or methodologiesTechnical expertise provided on study designs according to your objective(s).

Various types of studies we perform

  • Studies on fresh or frozen skin
  • Different species

Screening tests:

  • To select the best candidate

Innovative models:

  • Altered skin, binding models (binding to Melanine, Keratine….)
  • Specific transdermal delivery and novel formulations

Regulatory studies and skin metabolism

Simplify your clinical trials and get the benefits of our experience utilizing Franz cells for your bioavailability / bioequivalence dermal studies; the method is recognized by French authorities.

Development and validation of analytical methods (according to FDA and EMA Guidelines)


  • Using specific analytical method
  • Using radiolabelled molecules/formulations

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